About the Artist

Our special keepsake lawn sign was designed by Mandy Stobo and photographed by Chris Dowsett.

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Mandy Stobo is a Visual Artist from Calgary, Alberta. Known for her project Bad Portraits, she also creates large scale Contemporary work, is a leading artist in VR, creates interactive live projection shows as well as art departments in various film and television series. Stobo has a need for play and tries to spread joy wherever she can.

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Chris Dowsett is a Director based in Calgary, Canada. His most recent work being a TELUS-funded 20 minute documentary titled ‘State of (the) Art’ which recently premiered at the Calgary International Film festival in 2017. Chris is a regular teacher and presenter at creative and corporate festivals with the latest being at the CAMP festival in Calgary in 2017. He also directed and animated the CAMP festivals opening title sequence in the same year. He has worked with some of the best up and coming talent in Canada as well as the USA, ranging from Vancouver to New York city. Chris has also been long time contributor to the Calgary professional art community having thrived using multiple digital mediums. From photography to virtual reality to visual effects, he is proficient and excited about many technical creative forms. Lastly, Chris and regular collaborator Olaf Blomerus have been helping Alberta grow it’s collective Visual Effects knowledge and help the independent filmmaking scene in Alberta be as amazing as it can possibly be.

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