Thanksgiving Dinner Table Conversation Primer

For many in our city, Thanksgiving is a time to gather with friends and family - many of whom haven't connected with each other in person since the last holiday. This is a wonderful tradition!

But, every four years, there is a different element to this tradition. In an election year, it can also be a time when family members discuss the upcoming election, often having very different viewpoints.

For those who may be wanting to study up before these conversations, we've put together some materials that might be helpful.

5 Minute Research Guide to Prep for Thanksgiving Dinner

First, we encourage you to share Naheed's latest video with your friends and family. It's an excellent expression of Naheed's vision for our great city.

We know someone will ask... What the heck has Naheed done?

Second, if you haven't see it already, have a look at:

There's LOTS of misinformation out there

Third, we encourage you to check out our new fact-checking websites. Each one includes important information that many voters have not yet heard - especially since Naheed's opponents have been working aggressively to spread misinformation about Naheed and about thier own background and positions.

Facts Matter: Key Questions on the Calgary Arena Deal

Facts Matter: Where do the leading mayoral candidates stand on transit?

Facts Matter: In this election, campaign donations matter a whole lot

Be warned, some of these facts may be alarming.

Talk to your family about bots, trolls and misinformation campaigns

And finally, as disturbing as this is, we know that someone has launched a coordinated attempt to influence the election using bots and coordinated troll accounts. 

We've created a resource for you and your family with five important actions you can take to help defeat the bots, trolls, and misinformation campaigns.

Re-elect Naheed Nenshi for Mayor - 2017