Unprecedented Infrastructure in Calgary

When you are stuck in traffic this summer (and are cursing under your breath), I just want you to know that it’s deliberate. 

Why? Because we decided to invest in the largest and smartest  infrastructure program in Calgary’s history and its all happening right now.

Last weekend was a great example. We opened the Macleod Trail and 162nd Avenue interchange. This will alleviate congestion at one of the most chronic bottlenecks in Calgary. This new interchange is just one of 20 major road projects that will be completed  by year’s end.

This is smart investment -because construction costs are lower; we see more value for our money and have created jobs for many Calgarians.

These projects will help improve the quality of life for thousands of Calgarians like you, by ensuring that you spend less time stuck in traffic and more time doing the things you love.


PS. Summer is almost over, donate $10 or more to help us end August strong.

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