Q: Why is the City closing the Midfield Mobile Home park?


The Midfield Mobile Home Park is located at 954-16 Ave N.E.and is owned by The City of Calgary. The site was originally developed as a mobile home park in 1968 by Richfield Development, a private developer on city leased land.  In 1973 the private developer turned over management of the site to The City of Calgary. In mobile home parks, private citizens rent a mobile home pad but own their mobile homes.

The Midfield Mobile Home Park is closing because of its aging and failing water and sewer lines.  In 1968 when Richfield Development built the mobile home park, they built the water and sewer lines directly underneath the mobile home pads (unlike most city water and sewer lines which are built under roadways or open right-of-ways for ease of access and repair).  This is a design error that prevents proper lifecycle repair and replacement of the site’s water and sewer lines and makes the community unsustainable.  Full life cycle maintenance and replacement is impossible given that existing mobile homes, garages, carports and other improvements are overtop of the main water and sewer lines.  To repair the infrastructure the City would have to destroy the community in the process.  With sanitary infrastructure at the failing point, Midfield is being closed in order to disconnect and remove the existing water and sanitary sewer network and to end the risk of a possible sanitary line rupture affecting Nose Creek.

The first discussions with residents about the future of Midfield began as far back as 2006.

On May 27, 2014, Midfield tenants were informed that Council had made the difficult decision to close Midfield Mobile Home Park effective September 30, 2017, and that they had also decided to not proceed with the construction of East Hills Estates mobile home park on the edge of Calgary. Residents were given three years notice of closure and assistance in relocation.

Tenants were be eligible to access the following:

  • The mobile home removal fund (up to a maximum of $10,000)
  • The tenant closure payment of $10,000
  • Legal fee reimbursement (up to $500) 

The Midfield Closure Program also provides all Midfield residents access to social service support. City staff was available for one-on-one tenant conversations, plus a Calgary Housing Company (CHC) Leasing Agent was available to provide information about CHC affordable housing options to Midfield Park residents who may require housing assistance. As a result, the vast majority of tenants have already relocated from the Midfield Mobile Home Park. 

The decision to close of Midfield was not easy, but there was NO viable long-term infrastructure solution that could keep residents in place and do the water and sewer maintenance required for health and safety of the community. .  Mayor Nenshi would have preferred for Council to offer a more generous package to tenants, and voted against this particular package. However, supports the difficult decision Council made.


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