Let's Keep Calgary Moving Forward!

Seven years ago, we all discovered something special; that those who love our city, can truly change it. That they can truly make it better.

In 2010, you welcomed our campaign into every facet of your lives – your community centres, your prayer spaces, your neighbourhoods, and your homes.

But this journey is not yet finished.

We have more road to travel. More community to strengthen. More economic prosperity to fortify.

And that is why I’m pleased to be running again to serve as your Mayor.

Together, thus far, we have accomplished so much to be proud of, and laid the foundation for many core building blocks. Building blocks that will allow us to ensure that Calgary continues to be a great place to live and earn a living – all while having the lowest residential property tax rates in the country. We’ve produced over $325 million in savings in the city’s operating budget, have worked to create new community infrastructure (including a new central library, four recreation centres and the SW ring road), and have passed a new economic strategy to keep Calgarians working, while championing pipelines and building infrastructure projects faster than ever before.

But our campaign also needs to look ahead, it needs to look forward: charting a course that embraces our city’s global ambitions, entrepreneurial spirit, and economic strength. We will continue to sell Calgary to the world, bringing world-class companies to our backyard. We will ensure our economic recovery is strong and robust, harnessing the unbridled energy of our city. We will continue to support programming that fights poverty, develops community and empowers citizens to take action to make this place even better. And we will continue to cut more red tape, finding more savings and keeping your taxes low. A better economy, stronger community and a smarter city hall.

This campaign needs you. I need you. I need your energy, your passion, your enthusiasm, and your optimism.

The world today is a dangerous place. Certain voices will try to divide us rather than unite us. They will say our differences should define us. We cannot stand for that.

We know that we must keep moving Calgary forward, united; ensuring that our city produces economic prosperity for all, economic mobility for all, and an even stronger community for all.

So whether you volunteer to  knock on doors, make phone calls, engage your neighbours, help us organize in your community, or make a donation - we need you.

Join me, and together, let’s keep moving Calgary forward.

Naheed K. Nenshi

Re-elect Naheed Nenshi for Mayor - 2017