A Bold Path Forward: A Cultural and Entertainment District for Calgary




Since before Calgary existed, the confluence of the Bow and Elbow rivers was a meeting place. A place where people for thousands of years have lived, loved and thrived. The confluence has historically been the heart of this place, and has great potential to once again be the gathering place for our city. The Rivers District, (which includes the East Village, Victoria Park, and the eastern parts of Downtown), can become the heart of our entertainment and cultural lives - a place were Calgarians and visitors can live, work and play. We’ve done a lot to get to this place, but there is so much more we can do!

A Bold Path Forward: Keeping your taxes low




As I've been out in our community over the summer, meeting with people at breakfasts and barbecues and other festivals, many people have asked me about what I hope to accomplish should I be re-elected. 

Starting today, and over the next several weeks, I will be revealing the answer to that question. In short: I hope to accomplish a whole lot! Our policy, A Bold Path Forward means a Better Economy, a Stronger and Safer Community and a Smarter City Hall over the next four years. 

Naheed Nenshi: Why I march in Pride

I first marched in the Pride Parade in 2010.  I was a long-shot mayoral candidate, it was a cold and rainy afternoon, and I think the number of participants in the parade outnumbered the number of spectators.

The following year, after I was mayor, I was asked to be the Grand Marshal of the parade. I said yes without hesitation. Later, many people asked me, ”are you afraid of the backlash?” After all, I was the first mayor to ever march in the Pride Parade, let alone be the Marshal.

Unprecedented Infrastructure in Calgary

When you are stuck in traffic this summer (and are cursing under your breath), I just want you to know that it’s deliberate. 

Why? Because we decided to invest in the largest and smartest  infrastructure program in Calgary’s history and its all happening right now.

Global recognition for Calgary!

The Green Line: Calgary's Largest Infrastructure Project

This summer, Premier Notley and I announced the Government of Alberta’s historic $1.53 billion investment in Calgary’s future. With today’s announcement, we are a massive step closer to building the 20km opening day phase of the Green Line LRT, which will travel from Crescent Heights in the north to Shepard in the south-east. At $4.6 billion, the Opening Day phase of the Green Line is the largest single infrastructure project in Calgary’s history.


Last week, after a three-day marathon meeting, your City Council started a short summer break.  It’s a good time to reflect both on what’s been accomplished this year and where we want to go in the future.

Let's Keep Calgary Moving Forward!

Seven years ago, we all discovered something special; that those who love our city, can truly change it. That they can truly make it better.

Our Volunteer Launch

Team Nenshi does campaigns differently. We want to engage your time, energy and talent in a way that is meaningful to you. Not only do we support your success, we also believe that campaigns should be fun. We find time to laugh. Volunteers are the energy and essence of our campaign. It is why we are a team. Along with our incredible candidate, it is our volunteers’ passion, enthusiasm and groundswell of support that will carry us over the finish line!

Re-elect Naheed Nenshi for Mayor - 2017