Last week, after a three-day marathon meeting, your City Council started a short summer break.  It’s a good time to reflect both on what’s been accomplished this year and where we want to go in the future.

This was an extraordinarily busy session for Council. We built affordable housing, invested in transit across the city, built more roads and interchanges than ever before, and received the single largest capital investment in our history from the federal and provincial governments that will allow us to start on the Green Line. Notably, we did all of that while freezing residential property tax rates and giving small businesses significant tax relief.

Like the old fable of the ants and the grasshopper, our excellent financial management in good times allows us to help in bad times, maintaining our stellar credit rating and keeping your taxes the lowest of any big city in Canada.

After some challenging times, we are finally moving forward. In July, the economy added thousands of jobs. We’re turning the corner, but much work remains to be done.

With an election only two months away, we have to ask ourselves how we can maintain this positive momentum. Certainly, there are forces that would like us to fall back - forces that would not only keep us from growing, but would also take us to a place we really don’t want to be.

Some of these voices have a lot of money, and they have been looking to support candidates with similar outlooks.

It’s very likely we will be outspent in this election.

But making Calgary even better has never been about big money and special interests.  It’s about all of us - everyday people with our everyday hands and our everyday voices chipping in wherever we can.

There’s an enormous amount at stake. It takes a lot of hard work to build a better economy, stronger communities, and a smarter City Hall. Over the past seven years we have shown our commitment to this work, to our fellow Calgarians, and to our city.

In order to keep doing that, I need your help.

Can you make a donation of $25 or more today to help us create a level playing field?

Can you give your time to volunteer in the campaign?

Can you talk to your neighbours about your visions and your dreams for our future? 

Thank you for your love of Calgary. Let’s move forward. Together.



Re-elect Naheed Nenshi for Mayor - 2017