100 years ago, who would have imagined that a little town on the cold Canadian prairie could be the named the 5th best city in the entire world.

This election is about the future. And the choice that we have to make is very clear. It’s about whether we want a city that’s just fine, where good enough is good enough?  Or do we want to be bold and be one of the great cities of the world?

Do we want to move forward or do we want to settle?

My platform, A Bold Path Forward, is laying the foundation for that great city of tomorrow.  

Throughout this campaign, I have talked about my three main policy themes: Better Economy, Stronger and Safer Communities and a Smarter City Hall and I am pleased to set out my vision for the city here in great detail. Read it. Compare it. And decide for yourself who is the best person to move us forward.

This election we have choice. We can go backwards to a time of small ideas or we can dream big and go forwards and build the Calgary of tomorrow.


A Better Economy

The economic downturn caused by the decline in energy prices has been challenging for our community. We went from having the lowest unemployment rate in Canada to the highest in just 18 months. During the same period, our downtown vacancy rate went from near zero to 30 per cent. Although the economists tell us that the recession ended about 6 months ago and that the economy is generating new jobs, far too many of our neighbours still feel the pain of unemployment and underemployment.

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Increasing access to recreation facilities has been and continues to be a high priority for me. Participation in sport and recreation has important benefits to our community. It supports healthy lifestyles and provides opportunities for Calgarians to connect. It also helps children develop leadership skills and builds confidence.

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A Cultural and Entertainment District for Calgary

Since before Calgary existed, the confluence of the Bow and Elbow rivers was a meeting place. A place where people for thousands of years have lived, loved and thrived. The confluence has historically been the heart of this place, and has great potential to once again be the gathering place for our city.

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Keeping your taxes low

Calgarians, and Calgary businesses, need strong leadership at City Hall to guide us through this economic downturn. Over the next four years, we must continue to cut red tape, review all City businesses units to create efficiencies, and make it easier to do business in Calgary. We also need to reform the assessment system for commercial properties.

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Safety, Housing, Addiction, Poverty, Environment

Safety, Housing, Addiction, Poverty, and the Environment are the five pillars for building strong and safe communities. Together, we can ensure that communities are empowered to build a Calgary where everyone is safe, housed, healthy, and able to share in the prosperity of this place for generations to come.

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Campaign Finance Reform

Part of my work as mayor includes advocating on your behalf to the provincial government about matters of importance to Calgarians. Long before I was elected mayor, I was an advocate for municipal campaign finance reform. I have consistently advocated for stronger rules and I have ran all my campaigns as if stricter rules are in place. I continue to believe that political campaigns should be about the best ideas, not who has the most money.

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Ask Naheed Anything

On Friday, October 13, Naheed held an 'Ask Naheed Anything' on Facebook Live event where viewers were invited to send in questions for Naheed to answer during the show. The full recording is below.   

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Re-elect Naheed Nenshi for Mayor - 2017