Global recognition for Calgary!

We did it again! The Economist named Calgary--once again--as one of the top 5 places to live in the world. The world!

This is big news.

This is an extraordinary achievement for a young city on the Canadian prairie. But I know you, like me, are not  surprised. We live in a beautiful place that is welcoming, tolerant, safe and has a high quality of life.

I also know that day in and day out, Naheed has been building and representing Calgary like no one else can. His ability to sell our great city to the world and to speak to our collective ambitions, has raised Calgary’s profile on the international stage.

Today is a big day, and I’m full of pride for our city and for all Calgarians.

Donate $20 or more today so our guy can continue representing our great city.

Jeni Piepgrass

Fundraising Co-Chair


Re-elect Naheed Nenshi for Mayor - 2017