Our Volunteer Launch

Team Nenshi does campaigns differently. We want to engage your time, energy and talent in a way that is meaningful to you. Not only do we support your success, we also believe that campaigns should be fun. We find time to laugh. Volunteers are the energy and essence of our campaign. It is why we are a team. Along with our incredible candidate, it is our volunteers’ passion, enthusiasm and groundswell of support that will carry us over the finish line!

And because we are in this together, we chose to launch our 2017 campaign with our volunteer kick-off.

On May 7, 2017, over 500 volunteers packed the Marlborough Community Centre (the same centre two blocks away from Naheed’s childhood home) to meet, engage, and build community.

The energy in the room was inspiring. Volunteers from all corners of the city — new and seasoned, young and old — shared what they loved about their city, how we can make Calgary even better, and why they were there to support Naheed. Volunteers talked about what campaign activities they saw themselves doing.

Naheed spoke to the room about how the successes of the past seven years — infrastructure, cost savings, enhanced quality of life programs, and the lowest property taxes in the country — are all building blocks for our future to build a better economy, stronger community and smarter city hall.

Volunteer orientations and training sessions have begun and will happen throughout the summer and fall. To join Team Nenshi,  check out the volunteer section of the home page.

We would be excited to have you join us, join Naheed, and help move Calgary forward.


Nancy Close

Re-elect Naheed Nenshi for Mayor - 2017